Top 18 Best Birthday Gift For Wife If She Is A Mythology Lover

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Birthday gift for wife, there are many different types of gifts you could give. However, you may find it difficult to choose a perfect one if you do not know what you want to get for her. Different people love watching different movies, reading different stories and doing different things. Thus, you need to learn what she loves most before choosing a gift.

Greek mythology is the body of myths originally told by the ancient Greeks; these stories concern gods, goddesses, heroes, mythological creatures and so on. The Ancient Greeks explored the lands from modern day Holland to Egypt, India and Northern Europe. In their distant travels they gathered myths from other cultures which were then retold to their own people.

The Greeks believed these myths were true and lived in an era when it was not rude to tell a story just because it was not always factual. Greek myths are related to the ancient Greek civilization and strongly influence art, literature and theatre. The stories draw their themes from a broad variety of sources but mainly focus on human beings rather than the gods as in mythologies, such as Egyptian mythology or Norse mythology.   

Here are top 18 birthday gift for wife who is a lover of myths and legends.

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Psychedelic Aztec God Xochipilli Poster Birthday Gift For Wife Poster 1

Psychedelic Aztec God Xochipilli Poster, Birthday Gift For Wife Poster

It’s her birthday, so you have to get something nice. You can get her a new iPhone X, a stylish bag or maybe some jewelry. But that’s too easy. She’ll probably expect it and like the other things even more. Instead I’d suggest getting her something a bit unconventional like an awesome print poster featuring Psychedelic Aztec God Xochipilli. It’s different, unusual and still very nice like those other gifts were.

Greek Goddess Medusa Birthday Ideas For Wife Poster Gifts 2

Greek Goddess Medusa, Birthday Ideas For Wife Poster Gifts

Your wife is passionate about mythology? Well, you’re the lucky one, there’s lots of things you can do to surprise her and make her day even more special

This Greek Goddess Medusa Poster is made on thick and durable matte paper and makes a great addition to the room decor of every mythology lover. Here’s a great birthday gift idea for your wife


Christian Believer Insulated Cups, Viking Mythology Hail To The Old Gods Wife Birthday Gift Ideas Tumbler

Your wife is crazy about mythology and wants to know more about the subject. You don’t mind listening every time you both sit down for a nice cup of coffee or tea, but her birthday is coming up, and you need to find a gift for her. Hesitate no longer, because there is a Christian Believer insulated cups, Viking Mythology Hail to the Old Gods Wife Birthday Gift Ideas Tumbler that might be exactly what you are looking for!

Greek Mythology Gods Poster Ancient Greece Birthday Gift For My Wife 1

Greek Mythology Gods Poster, Ancient Greece Birthday Gift For My Wife

A birthday gift that has the power of the Greek Gods ?!?! This is possible now with this cleverly created poster by artist. If you are struggling to find an appropriate birthday gift for my wife who is a big fan of Greek Mythology.

Greek Goddess Medusa Poster Snakes Art Wife Birthday Gift Ideas 2

Greek Goddess Medusa Poster, Snakes Art Wife Birthday Gift Ideas

Greet your wife with a warm smile on her birthday and a gift that will remain in your wife’s heart for years to come. This beautiful art print shows Greek goddess Perseus decapitating Medusa, the powerful gorgon whose stare can turn anyone into stone.

Native American Mythology Stainless Steel Birthday Gift For My Wife Tumbler 4

Native American Mythology Stainless Steel, Birthday Gift For Wife Tumbler

The world needs mythological creatures in it, because without them its boring place. Nobody wants to hear the same old stories over and over again, boring! It’s boring. If you are thinking about amazing gift for your wife for her Birthday. I will recommend you to take a look at this stainless steel tumbler. This tumbler was created especially for love of Native American Mythology . This is truly amazing gift for any woman.

Tumbler 20oz stainless Medusa love the beautiful creature inside you design gift for wife 1

Tumbler 20oz Stainless Medusa, Love The Beautiful Creature Inside You Design Gift For Wife

Tumbler 20oz stainless Medusa, love the beautiful creature inside you design birthday gift for wife. Beautifully hand crafted with premium stainless steel, solid and durable. It holds 20 ounces of liquid which is enough to keep your hot beverage warm to the last sip.

A perfect solution to drink cold beverages like water, juice, beer or any other cold drinks on the go. It is an eco-friendly tumbler that does not make you feel tired even with a full-packed day out.

Greek God Apollo Mug best gift for wife 2

Greek God Apollo Mug, Best Gift For Wife

Mythology lovers will love the Greek God Apollo Mug. This is a great birthday gift for wife if she’s a mythology buff. Teachers and students alike will admire the ancient artwork of this mug. Having this cup in hand while reading or studying mythology will give you a spiritual feeling that only comes from studying the old myths.

Golden Apollo Sun God On Greek Key Ornament Coffee Mug gift ideas for wife 1

Golden Apollo Sun God On Greek Key Ornament Coffee Mug, Gift Ideas For Wife

If your wife and her friends like mythology, this is an ideal gift for all of them. The Apollo Sun God ornament can be a good birthday gift for your wife, perfect idea for your spouse. It looks beautiful and elegant on a coffee mug or on a shelf. This officially licensed product will truly be appreciated by your beloved one.

Medusa Mug Dont Look At Me Mug Wife Birthday Gift Ideas Mug

Medusa Mug, Don’t Look At Me Mug, Birthday Gift For Wife Ideas Mug

If your wife is a mythology lover you will make her very happy with one of the Medusa mug, the don’t look at me mug. It is one of the best gift ideas for husband to buy their wife on birthday. It is a mug that will bring a smile at every coffee time.

Apollo God of Sun Music Greek Statue Skull Mythology unique gifts for wife T shirt 2

Apollo God of Sun & Music Greek Statue & Skull, Mythology Unique Gifts For Wife T-shirt

For the mythology lover in your life we have this amazing T-shirt. It is perfect for fans of greek mythology and japanese art. Sculpted by jean-antoine freed, it features a detailed sculpture of Apollo’s head. The statue has two hidden compartments which are revealed when Apollo’s jaw opens to reveal a human skull. This tee will show your wife that you truly understand her love of mythology and art!

Greek mythology mug 80s vintage pastel mug Wife Birthday Gift Ideas Mug 1

Greek Mythology Mug, 80s Vintage Pastel Mug, Wife Birthday Gift Ideas Mug

Need a gift for your wife on her birthday? For something a little different and fun, consider this Greek mythology mug. It is a cute over sized mug that makes a great birthday gift to give your wife if she is into mythology. It is just too cute to pass up, a must have for any wife that is born in June and loves 80s vintage.

Hades Greek Mythology T shirt Gift History Ancient Greece unique gifts for wife T shirt 2

Hades Greek Mythology T-shirt Gift History Ancient Greece Unique Gifts For Wife T-shirt

Wow your wife with a gift of Hades Greek Mythology, gift History Ancient Greece T-shirts. Now this is an original gift idea perfect for wives that are history lovers or just simply can read the mood and know when its time to wear something special. Put a smile on your wife’s face with this one of a kind birthday or anniversary gift that is guaranteed to stand out in the crowd.

Medusa Head Greek Mythology Snake Hair Lady Shirt good birthday gifts for wife T shirt 2

Medusa Head Greek Mythology Snake Hair Lady Shirt, Good Birthday Gifts For Wife T-shirt

The Medusa head is a graphic representation of the Gorgon monster. It is known as one of the most ferocious creatures to ever exist. If you’re looking for birthday gifts or Christmas gifts for your wife who like mythology, you may want to consider buying this Medusa head Greek mythology snake hair lady shirt, good birthday gifts for wife T-shirt.

Mothers Day Party Shirt Gaia Greek Goddess Pagan Mother Earth Hippie Nature Tshirt 3

Mother’s Day Party Shirt, Gaia Greek Goddess Pagan Mother Earth Hippie Nature T-shirt

I think that the best gift you can “have” a mythological gift for your wife, who loves mythology, because it will be to a great event! Goddess Gaia is the right choice for those of you who are looking for suitable shirts for wife. Your wife might also like Hera, Poseidon, Aphrodite and many others (if you want to know more about the Greek gods, read this article).

Mythology Of Ancient Greece Hector Trojan War The Iliad good birthday gifts for wife 3

Mythology Of Ancient Greece, Hector, Trojan War The Iliad T-shirt Good Birthday Gifts For Wife

Many people will say that buying a gift for your wife is extremely difficult, but I think that it’s quite the opposite. You might think that gift shopping for your wife it’s a lot of pressure and you don’t have time to take care of all of her interests but I’ll tell you that she will love this Greek mythology gifts especially Hector Trojan war T-shirt .

It’s always good to find the perfect gift for the one you love and what better way than by taking her into another world? This product is going to give her an actual insight into Greek mythology, which she will truly appreciate in the long run.

Medusa Head Snake Hair Greek Myth Gorgon best gift for wife T shirt 2

Medusa Head Snake Hair Greek Myth Gorgon, Best Gift For Wife T-Shirt

Hey, honey! Do you really love Greek mythology? And do you also want to surprise your wife for her birthday? If this is the case, we just found what you’re looking for — a unique medusa T-shirt that plays on the snake hair of Medusa. The t-shirt retails in US $21.95.

Medusa Hippie Psychedelic Snakes Greek Mythology Birthday Gift For My Wife T shirt 5

Medusa Hippie Psychedelic Snakes Greek Mythology, Birthday Gift For Wife T-shirt

If she loves mythology, but is more crazy about snakes, then you’ve found the perfect gift. I know that a lot of birthday gift ideas out there are cheesy: flowers, jewelry and her favorite perfume are just to name a few. But this snake queen t-shirt is really something she will love!